SevaAir is dedicated to working with partner organizations/sponsors to generate meaningful alliances for humanitarian air transport. Partner organizations/sponsors will find that partnership with SevaAir brings several tangible benefits:

  • Advertising of partner organizations on all SevaAir materials, websites, and aircraft
  • Opportunities for partner organizations to use their intrinsic human and material resources, as opposed to monetary donations, to actively participate in SevaAir activities
  • Opportunities for air carriers to participate in the SevaAir Swastha air ambulance program, while simultaneously generating revenues as part of the program
  • Opportunities for air carriers to engage in humanitarian air transport on a financially sustainable basis
  • Fulfillment of corporate social responsibility via an innovative and high-impact modality

If you are an organization in South Asia interested in receiving SevaAir humanitarian air services, please click on the link below to fill out the service query form.