The SevaAir Mission

To serve as South Asia’s dedicated, non-profit, and secular humanitarian air service by enabling critical humanitarian air transport for individuals, organizations, agencies, and communities.

What is a Humanitarian Air Service?

The power of aviation has been harnessed for humanitarian purposes in several parts of the world, whether it be through a low-cost air ambulance, a flying health program for remote areas, passenger and cargo transport for community development and natural disasters, or in times of political instability.

Organizations such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and AMREF are a testament to the difficult but essential conditions under which aircraft can operate for humanitarian benefit.

Why a Humanitarian Air Service for South Asia?

  • South Asia is home to well over one fifth of the world's population. However, many areas face inequitable distribution of resources, low index of human development, political instability, and natural disasters
  • Indeed, the Indian subcontinent is highly prone to droughts, floods and other natural calamities, all of which require significant humanitarian resource capability to manage
  • Telemedicine and mobile clinics on wheels are ultimately constrained by limited road and electric infrastructure, and many parts of South Asia remain distanced from urban areas or are cut off during times of natural disaster
  • The UN notes that “aircraft provide the humanitarian community safe and reliable passage for personnel and cargo, in particular to areas where travel overland has become impossible due to insecurity of impassable roads, or for security reasons”
  • Till now, South Asia has not had a dedicated and unified humanitarian air service to help meet the region’s diverse humanitarian air transport needs

SevaAir works to bridge this gap with its alliance partners and provide South Asia with a dedicated humanitarian air service that is responsive to its needs.


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